Acadia FAQ Answers - Page 2

Is outbound marketing the same as lead generation?

Lead generation is all about turning a stranger to your company into a prospect and, hopefully, a customer. While many people think of it exclusively in terms of outbound marketing, it has just as much to do with content and inbound marketing. That’s because today’s buyers do so much of their research online, often before you’re even aware of them!


So, what is outbound marketing?

Outbound refers to an activity in which you reach OUT to a prospect. This includes phone calls, email invitations, trade show activities, and more. This is often viewed as the traditional method of doing things- but with the knowledge we gain from INBOUND activities, our OUTBOUND activities are much more engaging and timely which produces better results.


How does a lead generation program work?

A successful lead generation program is carefully planned and executed and will include the following fundamentals:

  • Define and document the target companies and the people, or roles, in those organizations that are necessary to connect with.
  • Review your data and determine if it needs to be updated or augmented.
  • Identify segments of the list(s) to ensuring the right literature/conversation happens with the contacts. Segmentation may be based on industry, role, client status (past or new), or type of product/service required.
  • Create the value proposition for the campaign- how can you help the potential clients solve a problem?
  • Create any content required- including email templates.
  • Define what a qualified lead is for the purposes of the
  • Define the process by which the lead will be followed up with and nurtured, including the handoff procedure.
  • Pilot the program.
  • Stop -Measure -Assess- Refine. This is an iterative process!

We have found that clients may get caught up in one step and not proceed because they can’t decide on, for example, the list or value proposition. We advise to move ahead, as you will learn more from acting.


Are outbound lead generation campaigns effective for manufacturing and industrial companies like mine?

Outbound lead generation campaigns provide leads, knowledge, proof of concept, clean data and segmentation, market feedback, and more. When done well, there is much to be learned that will improve marketing and sales activities. If you focus only on leads you often miss the most important details and this why you are NOT only getting leads. This business intelligence is critical to understanding how to get more leads and the details of your target market’s pain points and trends.