Acadia FAQ Answers - Page 3

What is inbound marketing and lead generation?

Inbound refers to activities that PULL potential customers and opportunities to you. In general, this is measured by website activities. This could include people who download a content piece (such as a white paper or ebook), or who fill out a contact page, or register for an event you are hosting. This is all accomplished through digital strategies that include social media, content creation, blogging, and more.  The goal is to be found by people searching – thereby pulling them IN to you.

Many of our clients find success with a combined approach to lead generation, utilizing both inbound and outbound methods.


Do we really need an inbound marketing program? Is anyone really going to read our blog about manufacturing topics?

Yes! In fact, that’s exactly what B2B buyers want from you. Many of your potential customers want to do most of their research online before reaching out to a rep. What’s more, purchasing decisions are frequently made by teams instead of individual buyers, so creating detailed, easily shareable content helps those teams collaborate as they make decisions. Inbound marketing and content are also a way to showcase your expertise and what sets you apart in a memorable way.


I don’t have the time and staff to start a blog and write ebooks. Can Acadia help us build a content program?

We have a team specializing in content writing and digital marketing with an eye to industrial and manufacturing readers. They can develop your content ideas and create a program to build up your online resources with engaging and educational blogs, emails, ebooks, and more. Working closely with the rest of our staff and with you, each piece is tailored to your target audiences and personas.