Standard Register Was Looking
To Expand Their Reach.

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Industry Focus

Standard Register (SR) provides value to healthcare and businesses with industry-specific insights by developing, executing and analyzing compelling communications campaigns to engage with targeted audiences.

Business Challenge
Standard Register was looking to expand their reach into a fast-growing marketplace.  They understood the need for expanding their sales network, and leverage the use of their sales database,, and looked to Acadia to provide outbound lead generation as well as process and feedback for best practices for CRM development.

How Acadia Helped Standard Register
Acadia partnered with several divisions within Standard Register, now Taylor Communications, to execute several lead generation prospecting campaigns.  The process included defining the organizations that need to be engaged, the people who needed to be contacted, developing value statements, define what a qualified lead was and create a database tool to manage and track the leads and non-leads, and report back to the client.

The deliverables for Standard Register were clean accurate contact data, data organization, process and leads.  Having a good prospect list is a challenge for many organizations.  Having the wrong contact or no contacts is a very common issue.  Acadia built the list according to the defined criteria and it was then approved by the Standard Register internal team.  This was accomplished quickly and efficiently.  At the time, the list was being built and the database was being customized to capture the data and fields that needed to be mapped into the Salesforce database.  This provided Standard Register with a baseline for their sales engagement process for lead handling, which was in the beta phase. The importance of non-leads was highlighted as research information that should not go undiscovered.

The result was multifaceted with the most important, new revenue and new clients in the sales pipeline, along with a guide to best practices.

Why I Recommend Acadia

“The Acadia team was focused; process oriented and extremely responsive to our needs. They developed the campaign approach in conjunction with our internal staff, and then managed and executed the many details and activity involved with this outreach.  We indeed look forward to engaging with Acadia to support continued business development for Standard Register.”            

Jeff Strasser

Corporate Business Development

Standard Register

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