Pitney Bowes Global Needed
Acadia to Be Logo Hunters.


Teleprospecting Program

Acadia was engaged to complete a teleprospecting program for a global software/SaaS organization.  Acadia’s role was identified to be that of “New Logo Hunters.”

Company Type

Global Software/SaaS Organization

Markets Served

Retail and industrial supply chains  

Business Challenge

The critical emphasis of this campaign was to hunt for new logos and break into accounts where there was no prior relationship or history.  Key measurables for the campaign included, building and collecting contact information for specified new logos (new accounts and prospect opportunities), gathering business intelligence through teleprospecting activities, nurturing potential leads and contacts, and securing marketing qualified leads (MQLs) as defined by the customer.

Goals for the campaign included working approximately 800 new named accounts.  Also collecting specified titles for each named account (16,000 new individual contacts).

Program Activities

  • Teleprospecting (Lead Qualification/Lead Generation): Conduct a customized telephonic campaign to obtain defined criteria.  Includes campaign identification, definition, planning, design, script writing, list acquisition, database setup, resource training, implementation/execution and reporting. Teleprospecting is used to uncover key contacts, sales opportunities, or primary market intelligence.
  • Lead Nurturing: Provide a combination of telephonic and electronic outreach to engage potential opportunities until they become a qualified lead or are defined as a non-prospect. Lead Nurturing is used to develop prospects that are not yet ready to buy.
  • Inside Sales Support: Provide inside sales support that will build and nurture a relationship with targeted individuals with a focus on obtaining an appointment for sales.  Inside Sales Support is used to develop an ongoing relationship with targeted individuals and schedule an appointment for sales.
  • Market Research: Research target organizations to develop a company profile that may include organizational structure, new products information, services, and key contacts. Market Research is used to develop company profiles to provide organizational structure, trends, and contact information.

Program Results

  • Augmented key influences and decision makers in the client’s internal database and SalesForce.com (SFDC)
  • Built and maintained a Master Marketing Database to input sales leads into the customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • Educated contacts to the benefits of software products – Branding Initiative to increase client brand awareness and front of mind prescience
  • Customized list builds which included SIC and NAICS data list pulls, which included contact name title, and company information
  • Gathered business intelligence for optimizing marketing strategies in the areas of budgeting and B.A.N.T (Budgets, Authority/Decision Maker, Need, Timing of Project)
  • Opportunity amount for converted marketing qualified leads (MQLs) reached $1.4 million dollars in revenue
  • Influenced opportunities for the company reached $3.2 million dollars in revenue 

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