J4 Needed Help With Lead Qualification.


Industry Focus

For more than 20 years, J4 Communications has helped customers gain a competitive edge through positive visibility in key trade publications and websites. The company provides comprehensive communication solutions that include targeted public relations, multimedia, creative development and production of display advertising, support literature and direct mailing campaigns, as well as graphic design and market research.

Business Challenge
When a client of J4 Communications’ experience had difficulty in sustaining proactive follow-up and qualification of leads, J4 sourced Acadia Lead Management Services to design an internal process to track and manage lead activity.  The challenge was to create a lead follow up system that was easy for the client to interface with, and resulted in effective sales pipeline development. Understanding the complexities of the industrial marketplace and how to maneuver through them was a great part of the success of this campaign.  It continues today and has evolved into additional services including market research and sales training.

How Acadia Helped J4 Communications
The campaign was designed to work seamlessly with the client’s sales channel. Lists from a variety of sources had to be aggregated and segmented according to the vertical market and then processed with the appropriate message and conversation.  It required data organization, and the design of both internal and external sales processes and lead hand off.  A collaboration of this size requires a well-designed lead generation engine and the database to track, measure, and analyze results.  The results delivered a 38% lead qualification rate and put over 100 quality leads into the funnel in three months.

“Anytime we bring in a third party to interact with our clients, we assess whether that partner will be compatible,” said Mark Bruner, Owner of J4 Communications.  “Acadia doesn’t offer a cookie cutter approach when it comes to service.  The team is attuned to providing individual treatment based on the unique needs of each client.  Once the projects were underway, Acadia’s quick response and level of professionalism was such that I felt comfortable with their team working directly with our clients to keep the projects moving forward to a timely conclusion.”

Why I Recommend Acadia

“When you bring a resource into a business situation, rigidity is a real concern. Acadia personifies flexibility.  Their team listens, understands the needs of the client then creates a tailored solution.  In addition, when the ground rules of a project change requiring modifications to be made on the fly, Acadia has the resources and skills to handle it.”        

Mark Bruner


J4 Communications

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