Acadia FAQ Answers - Page 7

What if I am unsure about the quality of my data?

You are NOT alone! According to Dun & Bradstreet research, 50% of marketing professionals surveyed said they are not confident in the quality of their data. Accurate, organized data is vital to success with any sales/marketing outreach. That’s why Acadia performs list audits to identify where you may need to clean, augment, or segment your contacts.


Keeping our prospect and customer data organized for outreach takes a lot of time – can Acadia help me?

Yes! Acadia will take on the heavy lifting for you by refreshing and cleaning list information that is missing or old. Once we’ve audited and cleaned up your lists, we’ll collaborate with you to organize your data so it can be segmented, analyzed, and put to work for outbound and inbound efforts.

We can also suggest cloud-based CRM and marketing tools to help your prospecting and customer data stay organized and efficient as your business grows. We can even help administer online tools and train your staff to use them efficiently.


Our CRM isn’t working for our needs– it must not be the right tool for us, right?

A CRM is a powerful sales and marketing tool, but in order to get the most out of it you must fill it with “clean” data and set it up to meet your needs. We can review how your reps are using your CRM, what features aren’t taking advantage of, and look for any processes that need revision. We can also help with documentation and training.

It’s also possible that you’ve outgrown the need for some tools, so we recommend conducting an annual review. This can help you determine if you’re actively using all your software to the fullest, if a tool is not meeting your needs anymore, or if you require additional capabilities.