Acadia FAQ Answers - Page 5

My teams don’t seem very efficient – they get bogged down or “drop the ball” - what’s going on?

Each team member needs clear roles and responsibilities that directly relate to your defined goals. They should know what’s expected of them and have adequate training to do it. You should also observe how team members interact with each other and across departments - communication, including any silos or patterns of information sharing (or withholding), can undermine even the best organized company.

Teams that work well together still experience setbacks if they don’t have documented workflows, procedures, and handoff processes within and between departments. Be sure everyone understands the larger sales and marketing picture.


How do I know when I need outside support?

If you hit a roadblock that your team is spending far too much time trying to figure out, you probably need help. The solution could be as simple as a conversation to provide clarity on the situation, or a more involved approach involving skills you do not currently have in-house (such as CRM administration or digital marketing expertise). 

We often see companies try to resolve issues and execute strategies without success. They become completely frustrated and spend a lot of time and money getting nowhere. As a general rule of thumb, if you aren’t making progress after about two weeks of solid trying, it’s time to reach out for help.


We have a CRM but how can I get sales and marketing to use it?

Sometimes people don’t use their CRM, and other times they use it but not correctly or consistently. in either case, the result is data gaps, inaccurate metrics, and even missed sales opportunities. This is actually one of the top reasons sales underperforms!

Make sure all team members understand the power a CRM has to keep sales on track and nurture customers and prospects. Provide adequate training and “cheat sheet” documentation, as well as mobile access (with training!) to make it as easy as possible to add and update records.