Acadia FAQ Answers - Page 1

What does Acadia do?

Our services fall into two big areas: Lead generation and management and strategic consulting. While there is considerable overlap in these areas, this approach lets us tailor our services to exactly what our clients need.

In lead generation and management, we design and implement sales and marketing programs for industrial and manufacturing companies. We’ll partner with you to create a thoughtful, scalable plan that fits your needs with services like:

  • Telephonic Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound and Content Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and Website Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business Development Program Strategy
  • Project and Program Management
  • Surveys
  • Data Cleansing, Creation, and Augmentation


Our strategic consulting services have grown out of our 20-plus years of experience in manufacturing and industrial marketing and sales and include:

  • Sales Process Consulting
  • Sales Process Workflow and Documentation
  • Sales and Marketing Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Consultation
  • CRM Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment Assessment
  • Sales and Marketing Center of Excellence Creation, Management, and Training

How does the Omnibound method work?

We’ve developed a trademarked method that really works, which we call Omnibound. It’s our three-step process to provide organizations with fully aligned people, processes, and technology systems that are repeatable, scalable, and drive business.

We start with an in-depth assessment of your client facing teams (sales, marketing, customer service) and their functions. Next, we align how they work together to engage and retain clients. Lastly, we refine your new systems to keep your business running efficiently.  Our industrial clients are well versed in creating Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for their operations, so why not do the same for sales and marketing? Omnibound® is our process to guide you there.

We have sales and marketing people, so why should we hire you?

Salespeople are supposed to be doing just that- SELLING- not prospecting. Prospecting takes a great deal of time- time that sales should spend on face-to-face time with clients. Our dedicated prospecting team feeds your sales team with detailed qualified opportunities. All interaction and intelligence we have gathered are passed to your team for actionable follow-up. In other words, we keep sales selling.

In addition, we are often hired by marketing as a resource for the skills they may not have in house These include blogs, ebooks, email marketing campaigns, digital marketing programs, and more.


Who works on my program?

We have a team of 4-5 on any project. We understand that there are several sales and marketing skills needed to be successful. As a result, we have a team for data, content writing, calling and research, digital marketing specialists, and account management.


How can I trust you will do the right thing?

Lead Generation can have a poor reputation based on unethical practices or undefined objectives. Any organization that has been successful providing lead generation for over 20 years is certainly trust worthy- or they would not be in business. We take the time to understand your business so we can contact prospects authentically on your behalf. The greater issue is making sure that our goals are aligned- identifying the process, responsibilities, and KPIs to measure results on a consistent basis so that the client understands the results they are getting and reasons behind them.