TriComB2B Needed a Lead Development Partner.


Industry Focus

TriComB2B is a total resource for marketing and communications, specializing in the promotion of industrial and technical products and services for B2B clients.

Business Challenge
As a top tier marketing firm, TriComB2B draws on its expert technical background to develop strategic marketing solutions for industrial and technology-based clients. For one manufacturing customer, TriComB2B tapped Acadia Lead Management Services to use its unique process to help uncover new sales opportunities and develop lead generation in conjunction with their marketing strategy.

How Acadia Helped TriComB2B
TriComB2B worked with Acadia to identify the customer’s sales objectives and target industries.  Through the consultative process, Acadia used its field experience and knowledge to create a strategic solution that included list procurement, lead qualification and development of an online prospect knowledge and marketing dashboard.  Once prospects and market intelligence were loaded into the dashboard, Acadia was a given a three-month period to pre-qualify leads in real time to give the customer up-to-date information about potential sales opportunities.

The prospect qualification period acquired eight hot prospects requesting immediate sales follow-up and a facility tour.  Acadia uncovered 75 warm prospects that met pre-identified criteria.  These leads represented a 31% lead qualification rating from the total prospect list.  This had a significant impact on jumpstarting the sales pipeline and sales goals.

The partnership with Acadia allowed TriComB2B’s customer to uncover qualified leads in previously untapped markets and gain a competitive advantage.  With the HubSpot marketing dashboard, the customer can track, measure and generate valuable data on sales opportunities both closed and in the pipeline.  Ongoing use of the dashboard allows the customer to more accurately identify and implement the right marketing activities for measurable ROI.

Why I Recommend Acadia

“Acadia is an essential partner for TriComB2B, supporting primary research, lead qualification and demand generation components of our customer programs,” said Chris Eifert, Principal for TriComB2B. “Their experienced, professional team has consistently delivered tangible results, including contact rates that routinely exceed expectations and deliver a substantial number of qualified leads that far exceed other marketing media. They have a proven track record of conducting complex, technical phone interviews at all levels of an organization and I have absolute trust in Acadia to interface with my most important clients’ customers.” 

Chris Eifert



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