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Summit Locations Case Study

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Summit Locations, an Out-of-Home (OOH) land leasing company, had built an operational structure and process using spreadsheets and Google Docs. As the company grew, their system became inefficient and tedious. They needed a solution to streamline their structure, automate tasks and communication, and generate reports on-demand.

Acadia proposed using HubSpot, a CMS tool, to help. Acadia worked with Summit's leadership to determine and deploy the automation they needed to reach their goals. 

Six months after the launch, these were the results:

  • Summit's day-to-day internal operations have been optimized
  • Streamlined communication and daily operations to solve issues and existing problems
  • Recurring, tedious, time-consuming work is now automated
  • Reporting became efficient and easy to accomplish

The Summit team was also pleased with the ability to tweak and customize HubSpot to be as "Summit-friendly" as possible. They are using the software to create solutions for every possible issue and scenario they experienced in the past - from programming reminders to following up with zoning inspectors to sending notifications to all pertinent team members about impending construction projects.