Stahlin Wanted Help Qualifying Leads Upfront.


Industry Focus

Stahlin has been manufacturing electrical enclosures for more than 50 years. Technology initially developed to provide a solution for excessive corrosion in gulf coast oil platforms has since evolved into over 15 different product families able to meet every day needs. The manufacturer can design non-metallic enclosures and composite formulations. Stahlin also offers ModRight and FormRight programs to help engineers solve difficult problems.

Business Challenge
While Stahlin enjoys high customer retention, any manufacturer’s continued growth is based on its ability to engage and win new clients. As is the norm, Stahlin had multiple channels that influenced the sales cycle including, internal sales/customer service, sales reps, direct sales as well as distribution channels. All were effective with day-to-day sales activities. However, Stahlin identified the need to make its front end qualifying process more efficient, and incorporate a consistent proactive solution to drive demand and lead generation.

How Acadia Helped Stahlin
“There are quite a few companies that handle lead generation and qualification, said Jeff Seagle, President for Stahlin. “The difference Acadia brought to the table was that the staff really took the time to understand our company, our work culture and our needs, then matched us with the right associates."

In order to help them improve the front end qualifying process, generate demand, and grow their business, Acadia implemented an Outbound Lead Generation Campaign. Seagle continues, saying, “[Acadia] really engaged in the process, allowing us to trial some activities, checking results and monitoring our progress.” As part of this campaign, they conducted the primary market research, administered a call campaign to potential clients in our area, as well as implemented the use of tools to help us measure the success of these campaigns. “We perform product promotions through our website, using the activity as one of our primary methods for generating leads. Acadia qualified those leads, categorized them and designed a format that was compatible with our database. They also helped us weed out leads that simply weren’t a good fit for us,” said Seagle.

“Acadia gave us the tools we needed to help our sales force focus on building relationships with potential customers,” Seagle explained. “This is a high value activity for us. As a result, Acadia has become part of our internal process and continues to provide us with this level of lead qualification. From an opportunity cost perspective, Acadia’s services save us a significant number of hours each day by allowing our sales and marketing team to focus on the right activities. In addition, Acadia conducted on-site training with our personnel to enhance their communication techniques – a skill that could lead to additional business in the future.”

Why I Recommend Acadia

“It’s easy to contract a vendor,” Seagle said, “but very hard to find a partner.  Acadia goes the extra mile to tailor their processes in a way that makes sense for our business. Their ability to fine-tune their methods to continue improving their services to us really sets Acadia apart."                             

Jeff Seagle



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