Force Design Needed to Diversify Customers.

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Industry Focus

Force Design Inc. designs and builds custom automation machines with a profound focus on paying attention to details, relieving stress from clients, and improving the operator experience. As engineers and designers, Force Design embraces the challenge of determining how or why a machine works and thrives on producing a remarkable solution.  These guiding principles were cultivated by President and Founder of Force Design Inc., Seth Angle.

Business Challenge
Force Design’s knowledge and skills span a wide range of market areas within the manufacturing industry; however, a large majority of their client base existed only within the automotive sector.  The company wanted to diversify their clientele while staying within their manufacturing niche, as well as better leverage their wide range of capabilities.  Ultimately, Force Design wanted to expand into additional market areas requiring complex automated machine design.

Seth Angle stated, "Our organization wanted to expand in new areas of business, but we didn’t entirely know the best way to go about it. We were challenged to find an organization that was able not only to do market research and cold calling for us, but could also speak the language of the manufacturing industry."

How Acadia Helped Force Design
As a company, fluent in the language of the manufacturing industry with both the knowledge and capability to conduct marketing research as well as perform cold calling, Acadia was the perfect answer for us.  They knew the “ins and outs” of the manufacturing industry and were able to develop a strategic plan specific to our industry.  Acadia’s plan to identify new industries, build out a list of potential new clients, and establish a message strategy was well thought out and budgetary feasible.

Acadia collected all existing contacts, companies, and prospects that Force Design had within their databases, segmenting them for easier targeting and profiling. In addition, Acadia built out a database of approximately 300 regional target companies with titles and direct dials using their market research team.  In order to track and nurture this database, Acadia implemented a CRM that is the basis of any outreach campaigns they do.  They also provided Force Design access to these tools, teaching us to utilize these them to drive internal accountability for follow-up and generate the required reporting to measure sales. Simply stated by Seth, “As a result of Acadia’s lead generation and outbound call campaigns we have locked down three projects in one year from new clients, with more well on the way.”

Why I Recommend Acadia

“Being able to outsource your sales, marketing and critical business development work gave us the comfort of knowing it is getting done correctly and on time. Acadia gives you the utmost in customer service and will always be there for you when you need them. Acadia gives me peace of mind which allows me to focus on the things that are important, like running our business. The results and quality of leads I have received from them have surpassed my expectations. We anticipate engaging Acadia in some inbound marketing in addition to the programs already under way and I can’t wait to see where this partnership will go in years to come."                            

Seth Angle

President, Force Design

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